Pro’s Tips for playing Whiteleaf GC

Michael Piercy

Holes 1/10

The drive is all about where to aim. The best line is
straight at the house on the hillside in the distance. This will allow the ball
to gather towards the centre of the fairway. The second shot is played blind
and plays a club less. Whatever you do, do
not go long. Don’t forget to ring the greenside bell.

Holes 2 / 11

A Lovely gentle dog leg. Aim at the marker on the big tree
for the ball the kick right upon landing. The smart play is to place your 2nd
shot to the left edge of the green expecting a favourable bounce to the right
and on to the green. Danger to the right side of the green - beware!

Holes 3 / 12

Most gents should aim at the big tree on the left side of
the fairway for a subtle kick to the right. The big hitters should fire
directly over the same tree. The second is a fairly short approach which should
land on the front left portion of the green to use the contours effectively.
Birdie opportunity here folks!

Holes 4 / 13 

This is a tough one and played as a par 5 by many. The ideal
drive is down the right edge of the fairway with the OOB close on the right.
The smart play is to stay short of the front bunker and then hopefully get up
and down conquering the double tiered green. 5 really isn’t a bad score on this
challenging par 4.

Holes 5 / 14

A cracking par 3. Hitting the green is a must as the green
is guarded by 3 pot bunkers on the right and a deep one on the left. Short is
ok if you are worried about the sand. This will leave a straight forward chip
up the green.  

Holes 6 / 15

A tee shot up the left side will give the best angle in and
take you away from the OOB on the right. The 2nd plays long up the hill but more
OOB lurks over the back. Laying up short is the smart play which leaves a pitch
up the green. Golfers beware as this green is treacherous! 

Holes 7 / 16

Just inside the Spinney on the right is the line as the ball
will move slightly to the left. 2nd shot could be blind so use the marker post
as a guide. This shot will play 1 or 2 clubs less than usual down the hill. The
cardinal sin here is to go long. Go steady here and don't forget the ring the
greenside bell.

Holes 8 / 17

A monster of a par 3 with many people unable to reach. The
long hitters can take dead aim with all others planning to just miss the copse
of trees on the right. The green plays from back to front so stay under the
hole if you can.

Holes 9 / 18

A beautiful finishing hole. A mid length par 3 but with a hefty
carry required. Hitting the front tier is the regulation shot but the green is
guarded by some deep bunkers. A double tiered green could leave golfers
scratching their heads but if the flag is on the front it’s another birdie
opportunity (or maybe better).

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