9-Hole WEDNESDAY EVENING Stableford Competition

Every year we run a series of ten 9-Hole Stableford competitions on Wednesday evenings, starting at 4pm, between May and September open to members and non-members alike.

The top places for each event can win small cash prizes but more importantly points which accumulate across the full set of matches so that we can crown our champion at the prize-giving event after the final September meeting.

See below for dates, rules, entry fees and prizes.

Why not join in? The competition is open to all members of Whiteleaf Golf Club, guests and visitors. Supper available in the clubhouse on each of the competition evenings.


Front 9 holes Back 9 holes
3rd May 17th May
7th June 21st June
5th July 19th July
2nd August 16th August
6th September 20th September

Note that on the first date in each month we play off the tees for the front 9 holes and for the second date in each month we play off the tees for the back 9 holes.

Entry Fees & Prizes

  • This competition is open to all – members of Whiteleaf Golf Club, guests and visitors.
  • Entry fee will be £3.00 for members and £10 for guests and visitors each evening.
  • 50%of monies will be given back in prizes each week.
  • 25% for magic 2’s prizes (carried over if not won).
  • The above will be paid in cash.
  • 25% kept for end of season prizes.

Competition Rules

  • At the start of the competition you will compete using your true handicap.
  • Anyone scoring over 18 points for 9 holes will be cut one shot for every point over 18 and this will then become your new handicap for the 9 hole competition the next time, and so on for this friendly series only. For example, someone scoring 22 points will have 4 shots cut off their handicap for the remaining matches.
  • There will be no shot recovery throughout the season, i.e. once your handicap has been cut it will remain cut for the remainder of the competition
  • The front and back nine will be used by rotation.
  • Winner on the evening gets 5 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 each week.
  • All entrants get 1 point for turning up and playing.
  • No count back so if a tie for 1st – both get 5 points etc and prize money will be shared. The competition is designed to give as many players as possible points. If you score 18+ but are not placed and cut, then you get 2 points.
  • This competition will be run on a turn up and play basis, sign the special 9 hole competition book in the club house, put your money in an envelope in the 9-hole box (not the normal comp box) and go out and play. The completed cards should be posted into the special 9 hole competition box after play.
  • There will a competition spread sheet posted on the notice board just inside the club room with winners and scores from the previous sessions and any handicap changes will be recorded so you will know what handicap you should be using for the following game