Clubhouse Building Repairs – starting 12 June

Clubhouse Building Repairs – starting 12 June

The rebuilding work on the East Wall will start on Monday 12 June and is expected to take up to 8 weeks.

The contractors will be allocated parking and storage space in the main car park and will need clear access down the path and round to the air machine at all times; there is a lot of waste to be barrow-ed out and materials to be brought down.

We will need to keep all paths clear of trolleys and bags at all times, please, especially the path below the verandah.

Our contract specifies that noisy works (jack hammers, nail guns, etc) are to be suspended during the initial tee-off times for Ladies mornings and for Club matches, but not otherwise. A schedule of dates and times has been agreed with the Captains. Other building works can continue during those tee-off times. There is no protection from these noisy works for other events eg roll-ups and one-off knockout matches, etc. Any requests by members directly to the contractors for additional quiet time or other concessions are likely to lead to increased costs.

The building has to be propped internally during the works, from the coffee machine to the wall aside the door to Ladies changing, but the props will be boarded off with ply sheets. All this means that there will be a measure of inconvenience to members, but we have tried to minimise that.
The building works will be overseen by Vince Probert and he is the sole arbiter of what the contractors can and can’t do.

Please be aware of the builders and their materials and equipment, for your own safety.

Thanks for your co-operation.

John Fothergill